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After an hour of Pilates, I had lunch at Maria’s, followed by a visit of Site Santa Fe, which has a show with the intriguing title Still Points of the Turning World. I took a few photos before being told that photography was not allowed. Kinda like saying you may not record this musical performance. I mean recording gear is already so small, and soon every pair of glasses and every watch will have a camera built in… Anyway, the above photo is a shadow/reflection made by one of the pieces. The darker field is the floor and the lighter field is the wall. Looks like a building against a grey sky…

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  1. Anna

    Ottmar, great photos. It’s a shame that they prevented you from taking more. Over the last few months no matter where I went, the use of cameras has been prohibited.
    I wouldn’t have been able to take photos at your performance. At the Zen exhibit (purchased a catalogue) there were guides everywhere, and at last weekend’s performance of Turandot, there were signs, as well as an announcement over the intercom before the performance.


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