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Day two of our recording session at Jon’s studio. We have recorded about two hours of material so far. Much editing lies ahead… Some of the most precious moments happened spontaneously. At one point yesterday I started playing some chords and Rahim began to sing beautifully. Then the music drifted toward a 6/8 rhythm and Rahim started playing the oud. Lucky for us that Jon was recording! Rahim told us today he could not sleep until four this morning because he kept hearing that piece in his mind… With me it was the other way around: I woke up at four and could not go back to sleep. When we listened to the piece today, I could not remember playing the music. It was like listening to somebody else’s performance…

This evening I started playing guitar without wearing headphones, thinking that Barrett and Jon were working on something in the control room. Rahim played the oud and some magical stuff started happening. To our surprise Jon had quickly captured the whole thing…

Barrett has a great feel on the drums and it is great to hear him with Jon. It’s funny, Al Masocco was my product manager at Epic Records and since he was also the Screaming Trees‘ product manager Barrett and I have heard about each other for about a decade, but we only met yesterday.


  1. Boris

    Thank you, Jon! Can’t wait to listen to that. Very curious how the process goes on…

  2. Matt Callahan

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall. This should prove to be an incredible project.

  3. Anna

    Looking forward to hearing it in the not so distant future.

  4. Jackie Dassler

    This is exciting….! Any chance to get a sample posted on the Listening Lounge?

  5. Victor

    It’s good to have a sneaky recorder! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into this process. Looking forward to hearing what you guys are up to!

  6. AdamSolomon

    Go Jon! Woo, it will be cool to look back at these posts when the album comes out. Thank you for all this, Ottmar :)

  7. Anna

    Sorry Adam, I missed your comment re podcast the other day (been one of those weeks) :-) I love it. I listen/ watch it every day at the gym when I am warming up together with the Silence and Cave in my heart.
    I love the violin solo. I would have loved to see Ottmar perform with the string quartet.
    When I listen to Silence I get the most amazing feeling of inner peace…


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