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With my new solo guitar CD One Guitar about to be released in another month or two, it’s predecessor Tears in the Rain is no longer available from our ListeningLounge. Those who have purchased music from Tears in the Rain will continue to be able to find it in their library until the end of the year.

For those of you who might not know the story of this music:
Last September I started to record solo guitar music in my studio. I wanted to experience the quality of 24bit/96kHz recording (CDs are only 16bit/44.1kHz) and also felt that there was some music in me that was different from my previous work. The music I recorded was largely improvised – about 70% of it I made up on the spot – and I assumed that it would have an audience of one (me), or maybe a handful of people. I would upload new pieces to the ListeningLounge as soon as I recorded them, without EQ or compression. I didn’t want to title the pieces, because I wanted the music to remain wordless, pure, and devised a series of numbers for each piece that was made up of the exact date and time the music was recorded. I named this download-only album Tears in the Rain.

I really enjoyed this music I had recorded, music that I find is unlike anything I have released in the past, and because of the feedback I received we decided to release a CD this Summer. The title changed from Tears in the Rain to One Guitar, “normal” word-titles were discovered and I “cleaned up” the music files a little bit, meaning I made sure the beginning and endings were as noise-free as possible. I mastered the album with just a touch of EQ and without any compression and just this afternoon I gave it a last final critical listen with my Stax Ear Speakers before it will be sent to the manufacturer next week. I think this is the finest guitar sound I have heard on CD, rich and defined, silken and strong. Many thanks to Lester DeVoe for making me such a fine instrument and to Martech for making such an amazing microphone pre-amp.

I think we should have One Guitar CDs in stock by the time we come back from Australia at the end of July.


  1. Matt Callahan

    No more Tears indeed. Friday evening I converted the old Tears in the Rain files on my computer, applying the new names and changing the play order (thanks to the album cover photo and the Culture Court review). I replaced the music on the mp3 player and burned a new AIFF CD. I’ve listened to the newly arranged piece a few times and love the flow.

    I think I’ll make one final Tears in the Rain CD and another CD with all the notes from your diary about the project and tuck it away in my La Semana limited edition box.

  2. ottmar

    Why change the play order? That was Tears, this is One Guitar. Apples and oranges.

  3. Matt Callahan

    Very true. I’m just accepting the change. It’s all positive, anyway.



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