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Tuesday, April 11
IPac Ships 12 iPods to Senators’ Campaign Committees
Today IPac shipped the first 12 iPods to Senatorial campaign committees as part of its ‘Your Senator Needs an iPod’ campaign. The campaign is designed to bring attention to the growing issue of information policy (patents, copyrights, and trademarks). Key members of both political parties were given iPods for campaign activities illustrating how innovative digital devices can be used along with a rich array of cultural items provided by the public domain and initiatives like Creative Commons.

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All musical content in our ListeningLounge is Creative Commons licensed. If you would like to include some of the music on your iPods for Senators, please contact me.


I will definitely include some of your label’s music on the next round of iPods.

Hm, I hope they offer to train the Senators in the operation of the iPods…

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  1. ~C4Chaos

    exactly!!!! thanks for posting this. bookmarked and ready for pimping ;)


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