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You shake up my static brain cells. I love the things you make me wonder about. When you first mentioned giving “faith” a bad name I was plumb shocked…till I started thinking. yes, it allows no room for flexibility. A belief, a faith is not shaded. it just is it and no more..The mystery of life we can be sure we will never solve, but how much grander that is if we allow for all sorts of theories. There is so much more that our mere mortal brains can ever know…the wonder of being a part of it is so awesome that we can only allow our brains to delve so deeply and then…at least for me..I feel a shut-off valve that says just trust..whatever that is. It’s not a belief that one certain thing might happen at death or that the universe is a reality or a dream. I just trust.

Yes. A belief is a construct of the brain. Many, many people have killed or have died for their belief. Some people think of that as being very heroic. I like your choice of the word trust. Humans are less likely to kill for something they trust in, aren’t they? But bring up the words belief or faith and the hair raises on people’s necks.

I think we can go the route of the mystic – every religion has them – and experience. Or we can take somebody’s word for it and believe. If we prefer the second option and adopt a faith I think it might be nice if we didn’t hurt other people over it. But, it seems to me, the more adopted (i.e. without experiential understanding) a faith is, the more people are willing to fight over it.

Every belief is a construct is a point of view. I want to see it all. You know what I believe in? Polyview. Everything. All. Nothing. Emptiness. Same thing.


  1. Anonymous

    If I may comment, faith is believing in people , taking into account all philosophy all theories.You have to take the chances to be able to have the choices. Wisdom grows in learning to make mistakes and forgiving. When you can fine the balance in harmony and peace within . Universally speaking the world opens like the mystic.

  2. Yumiko

    belief systems constructed for the unknown in life?


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