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The Van Wezel PAC in Sarasota. Yes, it is very purple.

The string part that ends the guitar solo (verse) of Sao Paulo is wonderful. A lovely melody.

La Luna is very lush with the strings. It envelopes a person. If it were a desert, would it be a flourless chocolate cake with a glass of port?

And I love Duende del Amor with the strings, which frees me up to play rhythm during the chori…

Bells reminds me of Christmas in Cologne. There are many churches in Cologne and all of the churchbells start ringing on Christmas… and it is something else when der dicke Pitterfat Pete, St. Peter, the biggest bell in the cathedral – joins in. The rhythm of the piece (5+5+5+6 = 21/8) is what the ringing bells sound like to me. In concert Jon’s Lakland bass is the last to join in at the end…

More on this bell:

The world’s largest free swinging church bell which weighs more than 24 tons. It is said the bell is so heavy that it could damage the structure of the cathedral if rung too often, which is why you’ll only hear it on Christmas day and other special occasions.

Another Quote:

Weighing 271/2 tons, it is the heaviest tuned and swinging bell in the world.


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