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Jon's Bus Tapes

Jon’s Bus Tapes
Yes, of course these are not really tapes – that would be so last century. These tracks are zeros and ones on Jon’s laptop computer. The back lounge of the bus has become Jon’s laboratory. The photo was taken during a long bus ride from Florida to Texas in 2004.

The first track from Jon’s Bus-lab was constructed entirely from guitar parts recorded on tour in a Newport hotel on June 17th. No other instrument was used. Literally every sound you hear is from my guitar.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Wow…you’ve got a following amongst the AMNH astronomers now! This stuff is awesome. It’s incredible to think that you can hear both this song and, say, the last two Unreleased tracks, each in such a different vein, and think immediately “this sounds like Ottmar.” I can think of very few, if any, artists with whom such a wide range seems so natural to the point where you barely even think about it.

  2. Panj

    WOW!!! LOVE Chill Guitar!!! After listening to it several times, one feels like one is hearing a heart and breathe pumping!

  3. Borya

    it’s getting more and more tempting. time to buy some mp3 soon + find download bandwidth…

  4. Curt

    Holy PLUGINS Batman! Ottmar and Jon – I’ve always loved this style of yours. Very Euphoria. Please say that a Euphoria 3 has been penciled into your schedule!!!!!

  5. Andrew

    Fantastic work! Did Jon use Ableton Live for this? I finished a piece last fall that used the piano in the same manner. The idea of creating numerous sound sources out of the same instrument fascinated me. What I like about this approach is that the timbre of the instrument is woven throughout even if the listener does not recognize it there is a subconcious awareness of the instrument. Wonderful work!

  6. Eno

    Good call Andrew. I’ve been doing the same lately with vocals and synth parts. I love Live, truly a Godsend.


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