Phone Tags

Reinventing Radio: On Phonetags…
This post concerns an experimental internal-BBC-only project designed to allow users to bookmark, tag and rate songs they hear on the radio using their mobile phone. It was developed by Matt Webb and myself (with Gavin Bell, Graham Beale and Jason Cowlam) earlier this year.
(Via Biz Stone, Genius)

Great idea – that is if there is something worth hearing on the radio to phone-tag… in order to play interesting material radio would have to release itself from the grip that research and marketing has on it.


Two pictures of Robert Fripp

Click on above title-link. Those photos were taken by somebody in 1979, incidentally a day after I arrived in New York City… I saw Fripp a month later in Cambridge, where he did an instore appearance at the Harvard Coop. Scroll down a little and check out the footstool under his right foot…

Santa Fe Southern

When the big Santa Fe Southern Diesel locomotive pulled into the Santa Fe station yesterday evening, I noticed a big sign on the side: This engine is powered by Bio Diesel. I noticed that it didn’t seem to stink as much as other big Diesel locs. Did I ever mention I spend a little while loading/unloading postal mail railway cars at the Cologne station when I was 18?