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Tito Martinez said…You know… These little things remind me of those old three wheeled Citroens found all over Europe. These things were accidents waiting to happen. They tipped easily. Considering the driving habits some taxi drivers have developed it is probably not a good idea to hop into one of these. Ride at your own risk!

Do you mean this kind of Citroen, a 2CV?

Actually, it is very hard to tip over a 2CV! In fact they used to have competitions all over Europe, with a prize going to the first person to tip one.
Or do you mean this Italian 3-wheeler? They are called APE, which means Bee – as in busy bee…


  1. Yumiko

    The Citeroen is supposed to be very sturdy. I have loved these cars since the movie, “Diva” (1982). Tip over a Citeroen 2CV? My husband says it is hard to tip a car over with independent suspension.

  2. Tito Martinez

    Wow!!! I had not seen one of these in years! I was actually talking about a different model. You know, the kind that Mr. Bean drives in the show? May be I’m thinking of a different manufacturer. In any case, I remember riding in the 2CV. What a riot! The Renault R4 was also a favourite of mine along with the Seat 600. Ahh… the memories…

  3. Tito Martinez

    I stand corrected. What I’m thinking of is not a Citroen, but a car made by Reliant Robin. This is the car that appears in the Mr. Bean shows (I did my homework on the web). And it appears that they are not as common as I thought. I must have gotten this confused with the 2CV. Why would I do that? I don’t know. They don’t even look alike! It’s one of those tricks that my brain plays on me from time to time. So there you have it. A Reliant Robin.


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