Music + Nicknames

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i was just thinking: music is an important balance 2 all the visual in4mation we deal w on a daily basis in 2day’s modern society (almost all of the in4mation that used 2 be transmitted auraly is now transmitted visually)

…the fact that music and art programs in schools all over the country r being cut may create men + women of the future that will find it harder 2 unlock their imagination and emotions, their ability 2 simply listen…

we all remember the pre-MTV days when a kid would put a vinyl LP on the turntable and close their eyes and dream… our imagination would fly w the music… now one would simply watch a video + associate that w the music… maybe more than ever we need music in our lives and need 2 teach music 2 the children…

the following nicknames have been developed on this tour so far…don’t ask – there is never much rhyme or reason 2 the creation of nicknames:

stefan has become slick
bill sage – bondo
kevin – cove
dan – patch
vince – teabag
dwaine – kaptain kotton
carl – lumpy
randy – grandpa


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