Summer 2012

We have never toured with an opening act, but there is a first time for everything.

We are excited to announce that next Summer we will tour with Round Mountain. Robby will also play percussion with Jon and I, which will mean long evenings for him. You may recall that Robby was in the 2004 edition of Luna Negra, which was one of the best groups we’ve had in our twenty plus years of touring. Jon, Robby and I played as a Luna Negra trio with the New Mexico Philharmonic this past July and it was magic!

Since Jon plays bass on the Round Mountain albums he might even join them for a song or two now and then, and I would like Char to play on a few of my pieces, since I will ask him to play on the 2012 release “Dune”. And who knows what we’ll come up with for the encore!

Jon and I have the highest respect for the brothers and this should really be a fun tour. I hope that we can find a set up for everyone on the stage at once, so that nothing will need to be moved between Round Mountain and Luna Negra. Round Mountain will perform for about 40 minutes, and then Luna Negra will play for 90 minutes.

The Sounds of Santa Fe!


Breakfast with Jon. Then he went back to his studio to work with Round Mountain, who are finishing up their next album and I went home to work on a new slideshow for my solo performances. It will be ready for the concerts in Europe in October, but I hope to premier it in San Francisco next month.

I want add two new elements. Words and video. The words will be in many different languages, maybe reminiscent of the words on Opium which were spoken in Farsi, Russian, Korean and French. Here are a couple of glimpses:

The video at the top was not formatted correctly and ended up being a little horizontally stretched, but you’ll get the idea. There will be more glimpses to come in the next few weeks. For extra fun you can start both videos…

Pasatiempo, the arts and culture insert published by the New Mexican newspaper every Friday, had a full-page and nice (I am told – I haven’t read it) article on our Lensic concert next week. They used Roshi Joan Halifax’s photo from Kham for the piece, which I think is great.

Did short interviews with local public radio station KSFR at 11:30 and 17:45.

Sadly the other local station (((KBAC cough, cough))) cancelled an interview that was set up for this past Tuesday at the last minute, demanding that we buy advertising time for the benefit in exchange for the interview. For a BENEFIT!! That’s a serious lack of community-sense, I say!

Lost in Translation One and Two.

Wednesday in Seattle

Took a cab out to radio station KWJZ in Bellevue for an interview with Jay Phillips. Enjoyed chatting with Jay, and it was nice to see the “The Hours between Night + Day” poster in the station – one of my favorite albums.

After the first show at the Triple Door, Robby (who played a lot of percussion on “The Scent of Light” an was in Luna Negra in 2004) and his brother Char came backstage to say hello. They are in town to play at the Musiquarium tomorrow night.
Upstairs and Aquarium
Check out the announcement here. If you are going out Thursday evening I would encourage you to check them out as both are very fine musicians and great people. This week Seattle is getting a double-dose of Santa Fe music!