Lensic Performance + New Album

The stage at the Lensic Theater on 8. October:

2015 10 08 Lensic

We had a great time performing for a sold-out audience here in Santa Fe. Thanks to everyone who came and supported a good cause. I was most impressed by the fellow who drove all the way from Houston to experience the concert. :-)

CDs of the new album arrived the day before the concert and so we brought some to the venue to sell. Since Marita: Shadows + Storms in 1989, this is, I think, the first time that an album of mine premiered on Santa Fe radio – last Wednesday at KBAC Radio Free Santa Fe – and was first sold in Santa Fe. That makes me smile.

I updated the webpage for Waiting n Swan today. It now contains previews for all of the songs. These previews are good quality and are in stereo, but are limited to one minute each. I will add links to iTunes (download), Amazon (CD and download) and HDTracks (high definition download) as I find them – the official release date is Friday 10/23. Unfortunately the music will NOT be available from our ListeningLounge because of the licensing process involved. We will, however, sell the CD at our concerts.

Monday in Spokane

Here are a few images from the Lensic performance in June, captured by Colleen Hayes.

Colleen had never shot a live performance before and did a wonderful job. From left to right: Robby Rothschild, Stephen Duros, me, Jon Gagan and Michael Chavez. Nice to have good pics from that performance, which is in my top-ten of most enjoyable concerts. I will upload a bunch more to Flickr later.

Friday Morning

Photo of the stage at the Lensic PAC. This was the first time we used the candle cars and lave lamps since the Opium tour in 1996.

The concert was sold out. We also donated all of the money from merchandise sales for the evening to the school.

I thought the band sounded great. Everyone had a few moments of nerves (((home-concert, family and friends in the audience etc.))), but it really was fun. The encore, Samba Pa Ti into Barcelona Nights, was really strong and felt like a wonderful end to the long day – I was downtown from noon to 23:00.


Yesterday’s sunset:

The sun looked like a meteor streaking from left to right.

Drove to Albuquerque to do an interview and play three songs at radio station KUNM in support of the concert at the Lensic next week. BTW, we will bring lots of “classic” merchandise and posters that evening. We won’t sell the merch, but will ask for donations to the school we are doing the benefit for. I think the evening should be spectacular: beautiful venue, great sound, great band (((looking forward to hearing Michael and Robby together!!! You also know them both, Stephen, what do you think?))), lots of historic merchandise AND after the concert a party for those people who scored the special tickets (((those tickets are sold out, but I am told there are some mid-range tickets available!))). Here is a photo I took at the radio station:

The interview will run around 19:30 on Saturday evening and I am told that it will be available in their web archive afterwards. The program is called Ears to the Ground. And Here is the streaming page if you want to listen on Saturday.

Yes, no, maybe so?
Then again there is this info – I don’t remember where I found it:

Consider that many pop/rock concerts hit around and above 120db!

I like San Francisco humor!

Today the 14th European Cycle Messenger Championships start in Berlin.