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Photo of the stage at the Lensic PAC. This was the first time we used the candle cars and lave lamps since the Opium tour in 1996.

The concert was sold out. We also donated all of the money from merchandise sales for the evening to the school.

I thought the band sounded great. Everyone had a few moments of nerves (((home-concert, family and friends in the audience etc.))), but it really was fun. The encore, Samba Pa Ti into Barcelona Nights, was really strong and felt like a wonderful end to the long day – I was downtown from noon to 23:00.


  1. Carmen Ortiz

    Samba Pa Ti…wow! luv, luv, luv that song!

  2. LindaW


    I can’t speak for Luz or Cheryl, but last night’s show was incredible and I appreciate all the hard work that you put into it. I have posted a few photos that I managed to get at the reception on my flickr page. I’ll get the Lensic images up ASAP.

    Samba Pa Ti was perfect… Barcelona Nights was the best I have ever heard it. The solo bit after intermission, ahhh… made my night!

    and thanks again for the directions to the little spot to get down to the river… I am going to check it out and listen the the stereophonic birds and frogs!

    – small bow –

  3. Gerald Gibbon


    It was great meeting you after the incredible performance you and Luna Negra put on. I think this is the best show I’ve seen to date. The Lensic was impressive and it really looked like all of you were having a great time playing! As a 20+ year fan…..keep up the great work. We’ll see you this summer in Santa Barbara.


  4. Christine


    Sorry for the belated “thank-you” but I just got back home to my computer yesterday. I planned my vacation out west around your concert and you and the band fulfilled and surpassed every expectation I had of the concert. It was awesome! I found the timing of all the musicians impeccable. This was the third time I’ve seen you perform & the best performance yet. Thank you so much for a memorable evening and the highlight of my Santa Fe trip.


  5. Ottmar

    Thank you! I hope you could tell that the musicians had a wonderful time also, even though I noticed we were showing some nerves. Playing at home is always different.

  6. Carolynn

    We all wish you’d play at home more often.

    I enjoyed meeting you even though the Sharpie managed to get away before you signed my cd. I’ll live. ; ) But the show was great, and venue was awesome, and I can’t wait for the next time…


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