I was up early, at 06:00, and while I was not yet packing, I was thinking about it.

Here are before and after pix of my headphones.


and After:

I mentioned these headphones before – here and here. For some silly reason the headphones come in a box with two interchangeable cables, one curly and one straight, when instead one cable should have a 1/4″ plug and the other a mini-plug. I don’t care about curly versus straight, but I know I don’t want to plug that monster (first image) into my iPhone! Anyway, problem solved. Alan Behr came over this morning and soldered the small Neutrik plug I had ordered, to one of the cables – in exchange for a couple of Caffe Shakerato to fuel his bike-ride back to the hotel…

This sounds gross: Cafe dVine, Wine-infused Gourmet Coffee


Drove a thousand miles in the rain today. Alan almost got killed…
Tiger Attack