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I was up early, at 06:00, and while I was not yet packing, I was thinking about it.

Here are before and after pix of my headphones.


and After:

I mentioned these headphones before – here and here. For some silly reason the headphones come in a box with two interchangeable cables, one curly and one straight, when instead one cable should have a 1/4″ plug and the other a mini-plug. I don’t care about curly versus straight, but I know I don’t want to plug that monster (first image) into my iPhone! Anyway, problem solved. Alan Behr came over this morning and soldered the small Neutrik plug I had ordered, to one of the cables – in exchange for a couple of Caffe Shakerato to fuel his bike-ride back to the hotel…

This sounds gross: Cafe dVine, Wine-infused Gourmet Coffee


  1. Luz

    That Alan is such a sweetie! He probably doesn’t remember but we spoke briefly after the show at Lensic. Told him I had come in from Houston for the show and politely asked him for his copy of the setlist of which he happily obliged. Hope he enjoyed his Shakeratos. They sure do sound good!

  2. James

    Nice improvement! I think replacement cables are available, and would it not be fun to attach a very short cable to an ipod shuffle, which in turn could perhaps be attached to the earcup.

  3. Ottmar

    All you need is a soldering iron and a couple of pieces of velcro! :-)


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