Monte Carlo Nights : Monte Carlo Nights
Last night at the Blue Note I did an interview with Nick, the Nightfly between my sets. We met for the first time in 1994, I believe. He mentioned that next year his program will be twenty years old and I answered that I recorded “Nouveau Flamenco” twenty years ago next year… Time is like climbing a mountain. We take one little breathless step at a time, but at intervals we look back and are amazed at the view back down the valley… Twenty years – almost half of my life. A long time or not time at all… :)

The first set was recorded for broadcast.

I wish I’d speak Italian.

Is Analog for the Birds?

Mural on the wall of a small neighborhood bar.
Bird + Cassette Tape
Here is a side view of the Blue Note’s stage. Larger than the New York club.
Blue Note Milan Stage
The second performance at 11PM was, shall we say “not crowded”? I set myself a new challenge: can I play for an hour (duration of a set at the Blue Note Milan) without stopping? So I played an hour-long medley of my music. My back hurt a little afterward, because I did not stop to stretch, but I liked how the music developed. I hope that it felt like a movie, when experienced with the slideshow.