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See the websites that make AI bots like ChatGPT sound so smart – Washington Post

It would be one thing if we were building something together, some kind of open source chat bot, but instead this is all fodder for a proprietary, corporate machine that costs money to use. 

The three biggest sites were No. 1, which contains text from patents issued around the world; No. 2, the free online encyclopedia; and No. 3, a subscription-only digital library. Also high on the list: No. 190, a notorious market for pirated e-books that has since been seized by the U.S. Justice Department. At least 27 other sites identified by the U.S. government as markets for piracy and counterfeits were present in the data set.

See the websites that make AI bots like ChatGPT sound so smart – Washington Post

I get that wikipedia would be ranked highly as it is a free online encyclopedia, but how did they gain access to the subscription-only digital library, ranked third? Did someone pay for an account and then use the account to scrape the entire website? And a market for pirated e-books, since seized by the U.S. Justice Department?!?!

Interesting times!

How To Build A Blog Without Social Media

So here’s my 2023 experiment. Building LTD up in a sustained way without doing the thing everyone’s been doing since the 2010s – leaning on social media as the one and only growth tool.

Let me point you now to, Phil Gyford’s growing directory of living blogs. And it updates live when any of them post a new piece. That’s one plank in a new stage for personal publishing. (Great job, Phil, by the way.)
How To Build A Blog Without Social Media – WARREN ELLIS LTD

I think we already had the right ingredients – blogging, RSS, personal websites, podcasts – but then we were tempted and distracted by the big, shiny social media corporations. Then they became a huge problem… but we have something to fall back on. Back to the roots.


From this article on Nam June Paik I clicked to an article about Making Buddhist Art Today, a very brief stop which led me to this piece on Installation Art, which led me to this page about the Native American artist Jamison Chas Banks, where I found this short video about his installation at SITE Santa Fe in 2014.

Jamison Chas Banks from SITE Santa Fe on Vimeo.

One says that home plate is stolen in Baseball. The artist compares that to American history and says stealing home is maybe a very American thing. It’s a remarkable installation piece that makes me realize how art installations can be powerful storytelling. This piece is also a reminder that there is a lot of unfinished history that needs to be untangled. Until we do we will always build on top of quicksand.

Interesting how this post creates a circle for me. From Nam June Paik, who I met in Köln, where I grew up, to Jamison Chas Banks, who lives in Santa Fe.

New Paradigm

We all used to say that social media isn’t free: if you’re not paying for a product, then you are the product. Which meant that all your usage information was sold to entities that would pay social media companies for it. This is a new -ish territory, maybe: now you pay to be the product.
Paying To Be The Product – WARREN ELLIS LTD

(emphasis is mine)

Geo Location Optimization

Apparently, in China geo-location is a factor for social media reach & influence…
So these kids set up on the footpath of a rich neighbourhood to optimize

Detritus 686 – Music of Sound

Scroll down to see photos of throngs of influencers lined up on the street. The comment from The Music of Sound:

Is it just me or is the future getting stupider!?

Is it a smart hustle or just the sad reality of Social Media? I mean, don’t they remind you just a little of kids from the early Industrial Age, working in coal mines or dark factories?