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From this article on Nam June Paik I clicked to an article about Making Buddhist Art Today, a very brief stop which led me to this piece on Installation Art, which led me to this page about the Native American artist Jamison Chas Banks, where I found this short video about his installation at SITE Santa Fe in 2014.

Jamison Chas Banks from SITE Santa Fe on Vimeo.

One says that home plate is stolen in Baseball. The artist compares that to American history and says stealing home is maybe a very American thing. It’s a remarkable installation piece that makes me realize how art installations can be powerful storytelling. This piece is also a reminder that there is a lot of unfinished history that needs to be untangled. Until we do we will always build on top of quicksand.

Interesting how this post creates a circle for me. From Nam June Paik, who I met in Köln, where I grew up, to Jamison Chas Banks, who lives in Santa Fe.


  1. Robin

    Wondering if you have ever attended the Native Cinema Showcase which is presented by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian? It is usually held in Santa Fe, and last year was the first year back in person after covid. They have also been doing an online version (due to covid) in November along with interviews, panel discussions, etc. on various topics throughout the year.

    • ottmar

      No, I have not. Hadn’t heard of it. I was a regular visitor of the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, which is very well curated and shows some amazing works. I will search for the showcase you mentioned – perhaps there is an online component.


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