not The Saddest after all


That is the sketch I began yesterday evening. Something sounded wrong last night and I couldn’t figure it out right away. Then I watched the excellent movie Tár (LINK – wikipedia), which I started the night before… And then it came to me, my melody contained an A over the F minor chord and that created the awfulness, of course. I knew the note had to be an A flat and then I couldn’t go to sleep because I wanted to hear this change. I didn’t want to start up everything in the middle of the night but as a result I couldn’t fall asleep until after 0300. 

This section will become the chorus and the piece still needs some kind of verse… but the bones are there. Doesn’t feel at all sad to me. Uplifting actually. 

Backstage is almost ready and you will be able to continue to witness the process there…. soon.

Oh, and the movie Tár is most excellent. A comment on excellence but also on power and the effects of cultural prejudices. There is much to say about the film. The performances are excellent. The film is gorgeous. The writing, however, is what’s amazing. Much is brought up but little judgement is made, leaving it to us, the viewer, to figure it out for ourselves. 

Yesterday afternoon I decided that the arpeggio felt too fast and re-performed it at half the speed. Much more languid now. I love how little things can entirely change the feel of a pice of music.


Took another look at Substack. It ticks most of the boxes of what I want for Backstage and it’s ready to move in. It’s perhaps 90% of what I want. But, and that’s a huge BUT, it belongs to a company, a company in its growing stage. And I know what’s at the end of that growing stage: the sale at a high valuation. And then? So many companies were bought by the big players – you know who they are – and then they died a slow death. So I am hesitant and leaning towards building an addition to this old house, instead of moving into a shiny new rental that will be sold in a year or two.

Do you read or subscribe to any of the Substack offerings? How do you like the experience?