iDisk will sadly cease to exist at the end of this month. I have used for everything from exchanging ProTools sessions with musicians, or making downloads available, to streaming a lot of the music on this Friends Journal.

Therefore, as I backup and delete files from my iDisk, some things will disappear from this Journal.

I don’t have another file host in mind right now. I use DropBox for some things and am using SoundCloud for more music hosting than before. Perhaps I will make some of the Journal’s music files available there.


This time I am taking real books on tour with me. Peter Hoeg’s “Das Stille Mädchen” – I already read the book in English a couple of years ago. Jorge Luis Borges’ “Spiegel und Maske” (Mirror and Mask) – I read another book of his in English, on tour in Germany in March, and kept thinking that German might suit his writing, since I can’t read the original Spanish. “The Quantum Universe” by Brian Cox and “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson.