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iDisk will sadly cease to exist at the end of this month. I have used for everything from exchanging ProTools sessions with musicians, or making downloads available, to streaming a lot of the music on this Friends Journal.

Therefore, as I backup and delete files from my iDisk, some things will disappear from this Journal.

I don’t have another file host in mind right now. I use DropBox for some things and am using SoundCloud for more music hosting than before. Perhaps I will make some of the Journal’s music files available there.


  1. Adam Solomon

    In keeping with Google tradition (wait for someone to invent a good product, do it better), Google Drive is supposed to be the new Dropbox killer. I don’t use either service too much but I’ve recently found Drive convenient because of its integration (or basically its replacing) Google Docs. For instance, last week I needed to update a text file which I had on both services. I could only read the Dropbox version because my system (a very specific academic Linux distro) isn’t compatible with the Dropdox software, so I couldn’t sync the file to it. On Drive, though, all the editing is done through the browser so I was able to edit the file there. A simple thing, but a win for Drive in my book.

    Obviously this depends how you feel about Google and privacy (which in turn is contingent on what exactly you’re using it for).

  2. Ottmar

    I avoid Google like I avoid diseases. I use DuckDuckGo as my main search engine. I use Gmail as a public email, but delete everything that accumulates there once a month. After a six month delay those deleted emails are supposedly also removed from the Google servers.

    Dropbox works for me and they have excellent iOS apps as well.

    I encrypt anything important before I send it to Dropbox.


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