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Regarding yesterday’s post I have a few thoughts I want to add.

Since writing that post I came up with several ideas that would be fun. One of those ideas, and perhaps my favorite one, will require some engineering, although the concept is simple enough. Food for body and soul. I thought of the age old trope of baking a key into a loaf of bread, which is then smuggled to the captive who can at last free themselves. I think you will already see where this is going. A loaf of sourdough bread with music inside. The problem is the temperature… CDs can withstand quite a bit of heat but bread is baked at 450º. I looked for industrial memory cards that might be able to better cope with some heat but haven found anything…. yet. To me it only works if the music is baked into the loaf – cutting the finished loaf and slipping a memory card or CD inside just doesn’t feel right. I should test how hot the inside of a loaf gets, if my meat thermometer goes that high. The temp in the center may be lower than 450º but probably not low enough. The only solution I could think of was to put a piece of paper containing a URL into a small metal container that gets baked into the bread. I don’t love that, though. If you have an idea that would help me, please put it in the comments.

Another idea I had yesterday was to sew a CD and a booklet of some kind into a piece of fabric. Similar to the bread that has to be cut open, the fabric would have to be cut, or the thread removed, in order to get to the music. 

It would be really really really cool to grow something with memory inside it. Japanese farmers can grow square pumpkins and French farmers grow pears inside a bottle… so…

As you can see I am not aiming to sell memory sticks dipped in gold or anything like that. But it would be cool to create a special package once in a while. 


  1. MTCallahan

    I’m thinking steam is real enemy here, rather than temperature.

    Maybe an actual key that opens a physical lock on a second package? It’s just too much fun not to pursue some way to make this happen.

    • Robin

      I love that idea!

  2. Robin

    This makes me think of a Mardi Gras King Cake with the plastic baby baked in, or an Irish Barmbrack with the charms :)

  3. James

    There are heat resistant microSD cards which withstand up to something like 180F. Your bread probably reaches 200+ degrees. Perhaps maybe said card inside a sealable silicone pouch would survive.


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