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02023-06-15 | Guitar, Rain Music, Recording | 5 comments

After spending a couple of hours recording, and feeling that I wasn’t getting anywhere, I took a break and wove a small piece of cloth through the strings of the guitar, over, under, over, etc.

Prepared guitar. The cloth muted the sound in a very interesting and organic way and within half an hour I had a new piece recorded, using a rain rhythm I had created last year. Jon wrote that it reminded him of the Opium album recordings. I’ll take that. My partner says it’s her new favorite.

Lesson: sometimes a small change of sound can inspire something new.

I also learned that with the relatively close mic position – about a foot distance – I have always preferred I don’t have to worry so much about background noises. I even started using the trusty Neumann M149 a while ago. It picks up more ambient sound than the laser-focused Earthworks mic but it’s fine. Classical guitarists usually record with the microphone several feet away and that, I’m sure, would be problematic.


  1. anne

    weaving, yes.
    look forward to hearing this new sound

  2. Ali

    That sounds interesting, and I wonder how that may impact the overall volume of the song recording as you add layers to it.

  3. Richard Straw

    I’m a fan from the 1980s. I’m visiting Santa Fe and Taos next week–June 21-23 and I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of some good music in the area. Thanks

  4. Boris

    Where can I click the like-button?!?!

    • ottmar

      Funny you should say that. :-)
      We added like buttons in the new Backstage website we are working on.
      For the times when we don’t want to bother writing a comment and just want to express a liking.


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