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02023-06-09 | Rain Music, Recording | 6 comments

I realized that I have recorded 12 pieces for the new album. Over 40m of music.

Title might be: Rain Poems

Poems don’t have to be words. I have had food that was a poem, seen images and paintings that were poems. I couldn’t tell you what makes one painting a poem while another won’t be. 

Discovered a tip. Make a verse too long and see whether you can fill it with something interesting. When a verse is long one is pushed to try different things, maybe new things. One melody won’t do… there have to be other elements, more elements. The easy solution would be to make the verses shorter. More interesting was to rise to the length. Have been listening to the result many times now. Feels good. 

I should make a list of tips for recording. Can think of several right off the bat. 


  1. Steve

    >I should make a list of tips for recording. Can think of several right off the bat.

    I would agree!

    • ottmar

      Thanks for the link. Enjoyed the read.

      From Gioia’s Wikipedia entry:
      “He served for a period as an adviser to Fortune 500 companies while with the Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey & Company.”

      Ted Chiang mentioned McKinsey –

  2. JaneParham

    A poem could be anything that deeply moves your mind to awaken from your routine ruminations to a moment of pure truth.

  3. Ali

    Looking forward to it. =^ ]

  4. luna



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