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Drops like rhythms on a leaf. Like sheet music for dense chords. Lines and pearls. This would be an interesting painting at 2.4 x 3.6 meters.

I might have a title for the Rain album. I also discovered that I already have nine songs that are in different stages of finish. All of them have rhythm guitars and some are completely done. When one starts to walk one doesn’t notice the distance until one turns around and looks back.


  1. James

    Congratulations! I am very curious to hear your creations once the album is completed.

  2. Ali

    Looking forward to it =^ ]

  3. JaneParham

    I was dreaming of painting this for you. Until I realized the canvas would be 7.87402 ft x 11.811 ft.
    What is this – the full size of a wall?

    First, I would have to construct a large studio in the back, rent a van to haul the canvas home, along with 15 gallons of paint, procure a solid ladder :-)…….I bet I could do it!

    • JaneParham

      P.S. Fabulous how this photo looks like some sort of mystical sheet music from the heart of nature.


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