Matcha Hack

02023-04-12 | Food, Lx, Photos | 1 comment

I brought some Matcha with me and assumed I would find a chasen (whisk) somewhere in Lisbon. No bamboo whisk nowhere.

Today, I wanted a bowl of matcha. I looked around and saw that I have a unused coffee press. I boiled water, mixed it with cold water until the temperature felt right, poured it over the tea powder and worked the plunger. Voilá. Not bad. Much better than no matcha. :-)

PS: I did forget to make that half turn of the bowl that Yumiko showed me. Then again, I had no bowl.

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  1. Y.

    It’s a first, but a truly creative mind is creative all around.

    If it doesn’t have enough fine foam, use a little less water to begin with. I can’t believe that they don’t have at less a mediocre chasen to purchase anywhere.

    Good thing you brought your own matcha! I have always taken my whisk, tea bowl and matcha with me.


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