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There is a flow to creativity. Sometimes it’s there and that’s when one has to follow its trail, absolutely. Record whatever it is that wants to get out, come through, arise, however it can be done. Sometimes it’s not there. On those days I will obsess over reverb decays or the equalization of some element however small. I spent most of this afternoon working on a massive reverb for a short bowed bass note that I wanted to be the last sound of the piece.

It’s difficult to know ahead of time which way the wind blows. Sometimes one recognizes what’s happening immediately, one feels the invincible flow of creativity, one feels switched ON. Sometimes one can feel the struggle. For me that’s the sign to start working on details, or make a new mix of something in progress. Those hours are just as useful and feel just as necessary.

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  1. Stephen Duros

    Wow! I love this post. So wonderfully described.


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