Elephant on a red swing

02023-03-07 | Photos, Santa Fe | 4 comments


  1. Dave Kirschner

    Funny, this makes me think of visiting S’Fe in July 2007. On a morning walk to a coffee shop somewhere off Canyon Road, which you had mentioned in a diary post, some workers were hoisting an elephant statue in the air.

  2. anne

    tks for the memory …..Elephant – I rode one, looking for tigers and rhino’s – like another life ago.

    I have some beautiful elephant art, one is of an elephant sitting in a red chair.

    My aunt who died 09/09/2020 (still in shock) just loved elephants too. She would love this, it would make her laugh.She was such a lovely person.

    • anne

      funny- how we forget stuff even with daily reminders (see elephants everyday)

      can’t find the video clip – can’t remember the artist name either-darn

      (elephants in a river..with a woman, young children laying in a boat floating in river…,..also cheetah sitting in sand …an old woman and young woman sitting beside cheetahs …and this feather dance a woman does with birds …it’s fantastic – can’t find it- darn !)


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