Dymo Zin

02023-02-18 | Design, Food, Photos, Touring, Wine | 5 comments

White letters on a red background, printed to look like it was made by a Dymo label maker. This was the wine we had with dinner, at the Blue Note Napa. A Zinfandel, and I loved the look of it. Minimal ✅, unusual reference ✅, brilliant! The wait person was too young to know Dymo label makers but we recognized it right away. The wine was good as well.


  1. Steve

    Whenever I see a Dymo label I think of my grandfather: he used a Dymo label maker for everything. EVERY. thing.

    Made me smile.

    • ottmar

      I could see my dad using a Dymo to combat dementia. Label everything. Fork, plate, mirror. Would be a touching short film. A person going around their home and labeling everything. And only at the end do you figure out why they are doing it.
      I’m glad it made you smile, too. I really enjoyed that wine label and the Dymo memories.

  2. JaneParham

    I don’t know who procured this labeling device, but it soon became my childhood toy. I loved it. It was probably my father’s.

    • ottmar

      Best toy ever, right?!!?!

      • JaneParham

        Yes, dear, along with my father’s typewriter!


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