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I walked exactly three miles. First I listened to rough mixes Jon sent last night. Upright bass for two of the Rain Music pieces. The bass sounds amazing in his hands. The man is at the top of his game. The notes speak of experience and life and depth… no notes for the sake of playing notes. What will we sound like in ten years? I am reminded of the words of Pau Casals who, when asked why he was still practicing cello daily at age 80, replied Because I think I am making progress.

I do believe I am making progress. I like where music leads me. As age slows my body down, I can, perhaps, imbue each note with more of something. One has to acknowledge the changes. When it is hot outside, wear shorts. When it’s raining, wear a hat and a waterproof jacket. When young play as many notes as you like. It might help you to explore. When old concentrate on the notes that really mean something. Move toward depth and essence.

After the Rain Music I listened to an audiobook called On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous, by Ocean Vuong. Very poetic and very sad. Those two often go hand in hand, don’t they, the poetic and the sad?

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  1. JaneParham

    I think Jon is amazing. And when he is creating those wonderful sounds and moods, he is so quiet you almost can’t see him.

    I just watched a 3-hour documentary on Walt Whitman, whom I have loved since I first read his poems at age 14. I wept all the way through. And I realized his words were woven into my being, shaping my personality and views.

    Yes. The poetic and the sad are bound together, but the sadness is not grievous. It is almost unbearably beautiful.

    I will be practicing piano forever. I am only now beginning to see what music is. I’m seeing it is a pure thing, pure joy, not to be interfered with by my thoughts. “Jumpin’ Jive”


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