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Walked in a light drizzle this morning and listened to The Unreal and the Real, Volume Two by the great Ursula Le Guin. It is a collection of short stories and the one I was most eager to hear was the one called The Author of the Acacia Seeds, which James Bridle called a major inspiration of his book The Ways of Being. Lichen poetry, Geolinguistics… everything speaks.
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Yesterday afternoon I worked on the melody of one of the Rain Songs. I had come up with a melody while I was in Lisbon in December, but wasn’t convinced by it. I didn’t love it. So I purposefully stayed away from the piece in order to find a different melody. But the melody remained, somewhere in the back of my head, and yesterday it forced itself onto that piece again. I’ll try to discover something else again… but may have to sucumb to this melody. (shrug)


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