Good Morning Rainbow

02022-11-11 | Environment, Photos | 2 comments

I walked and saw that rainbow. Here are a few things that careened through my head this during my morning walk.

  • Hierarchy is not a good concept. The idea of being higher. Your Highness versus the Low-born. Even in sayings we assign up-down directions down in the doldrums or high on life. The idea of rising above when dirt is what made us and the planet. Get down, get dirty, don’t try to get up and out.
  • We should stop voting for a particular political party out of habit and instead look out for those politicians who take a longer view, take care of the environment, the planet, life on earth. Just imagine, if a lot of people voted for nature, eventually both parties would compete for these votes. :-)
  • Jon once told me about the shift from dog owner to dog guardian or custodian. I think that is beautiful POV change. That kind of shift has to happen in the way we think of the environment, this planet. We must think of ourselves as custodians instead of conquerors.

    1. JaneParham

      So lovely!

      I love all these thoughts.

      We don’t need political parties, do we? I agree we should vote for individuals who are capable of leading us in healthful directions in all the crucial issues. I guess that would take too much effort for us. Easier to just cheer for the team! No, stay awake; truly participate to improve democracy!

      I just had a golden moment imagining all owners becoming custodians instead. Isn’t this idea a spectacular definition of love?

    2. luna

      Thank you for sharing that…looking at this photo it feels like water shooting up to the sky and meeting in a colorful and tree-lined arch–somewhere over the rainbow, and the POV of Guardianship or Custodianship.
      Really lovely:D

      Isn’t it inspirational to know that hierarchy is a “man-made” thing, and so is “ownership”, of anything material really…which means it can be changed…
      …like you said, simplicity, come back down to earth, the soil & plants, where we come from and return to. Remembering pondering thinking these things when I was a teen, without disrespect and yet with honesty…for me it started with the basics, like you said, “getting down and dirty” in earth, which translated to how humans treat each other…it always appeared to me for the most part that how humans were “guardianshipped” translated directly to how earth was “guardianshipped.” When loving respect was/is present in the Sacred Guardianship (shifting old hierarchical attitudes into attitudes of loving appreciation, healthy leadership, and overall mutual respect–of course no parent or human is perfect, but there is a Willingness)
      of children to parents, most of the time that was learnt and then lived and passed on…and when a person lovingly self-respects in a healthy way, it is easier to share that with other humans, animals and the planet in simple choices from more of a fully present “heart attitude” balanced with personality choices (of course i am simplifying)… but small little choices with respectful “heart attitude” always seemed to me to be “contagious” and grow like lush plants internally in most humans–even if superficially and unconsciously at first.
      …so thank you.


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