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02022-10-06 | HuHeartDrive, Music | 0 comments

The top image shows a CD that contains the music of the album Fete. I made it to see whether my software was up to date and whether the CD Burner worked with the new cable I got today. The second image shows the first and only existing CD of Bare Wood 2, complete with an error: I wrote Bare Woo2 and then changed the 2 to a D. I am listening to the CD now. “Uma Dança” just ended and I really enjoyed the last section of that song. I haven’t needed to actually burn a CD in a number of years. Files are uploaded and somebody in a factory somewhere manufactures a few thousand of them. It’s as soulless as any modern mass manufacturing. It was nice actually making this. Perhaps I should find some blank paper labels I can stick on the top of the CD…


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