Slow Rain

02022-09-22 | Rain Music, Recording | 4 comments

#rainmusic notes

Slowing down sounds was going to happen sooner or later. I slowed down a couple of rain recordings and mixed them together and now I listen to this and enjoy it just as it is. Eventually a guitar idea will (probably, hopefully) crawl out of this primordial soup of slowed down rain sounds.

The other thing I noted is that there are definite pitches in most rain recordings. Can’t fight those pitches and will have to find harmonies that go with them.

First thought that this album could be a dumb idea but as usual will forge ahead. What’s the worst that can happen. :-)


  1. Maria

    I’m reading this as I sit here listening to an 8 hour loop of rain sounds. This is a fantastic idea and I look forward to hearing it!

    • Elisabeth

      I think also it’s a great idea !

      A long time ago, I learned the piano.

      When the rain fell, I listened. I was trying to reproduce the sound of the rain… I heard the silence… Like a breath…

      Later, I discovered Erik Satie… And the music I dreamed of composing !

      • ottmar

        That’s a lovely story. Thank you.

        • JaneParham

          Oh yes, Elisabeth!


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