Hands Over Ears

02022-09-17 | Rain Music, Recording | 4 comments

#rainmusic notes

In a song one sometimes stops the rhythm for beat, in order to emphasize a note or chord that becomes clear because of that pause in the rhythm. How would that sound with a rain rhyhtm? What if I, instead of muting the rain rhythm, make it sound as if one had raised one’s hands to cover the ears for a moment. What does it sound like when I cover my ears? Drop of volume, sure, but perhaps that needs to be combined with a EQ change? Not a drop to silence but a drop down to softness.


  1. anne

    sounds/words that caress (or disturb) the ear,
    can’t understand but the story is clear

  2. JaneParham

    Isn’t that the normal execution of dynamic range more often found in classical music?

  3. Dave Kirschner

    Similar to driving under a bridge in a rain storm.


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