Roshi Joan Halifax

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Each person is a river of life. I have found myself nourished by so many strong and beautiful rivers. These photos are moments in lives that I was honored to share in. Intimate, spontaneous, perhaps revealing.

I was looking at images on Roshi Joan Halifax’s website – link – and noticed this cool image of Kaz Tanahashi Sensei. The hat looked familiar and then I noticed the OL logo on the side. Looking good.


  1. JaneParham

    Most honorable.

  2. luna

    What a great shot! Cool, Hip-Without-Wanting-to-Be, Real, Quietly-Wise…Sensei gives off this sense of mystery…his beard alone reminds me of roots. Of course the OL beanie adds and connects him to that shot of you with long hair, years ago…looks like you had just gotten up with bed-head and put on your beanie…something about your previous photo with long hair (no beard) and his in this shot have a similar vibe. Same beanie.
    So majestically put, “Each person is a river of life. I have found myself nourished by so many strong and beautiful rivers.” The Exquisite Roshi Joan! I can relate.

  3. luna

    …kinda backwards, but just now looked at the link of Roshi Joan’s photos string…Wow.
    What a precious thread of Her Life so far…Her Warmth, Full Presence, and Joy shine thru in most every photo–even non-smiling ones. Her commitment to LivingLoving and making a difference to the best of her humanness is seen.
    Roshi Joan shares a birthday with 2 very close longtime friends of mine, one born in the same year.
    When I looked at the flow of Roshi’s life in this photo string, I was moved and reminded of my 1 friend born the same year–she’s not a Roshi or even a Buddhist. But the Beauty of something similar in their deep Joy & Reverence for Life, Radiating out Wholeheartedly, Unapologetically, and Beautifully was reminded of having the Loving Privilege of Living and witnessing the last 30 years or so of my friend’s life too.
    Thank You to Roshi Joan. Thank You to Natalie. And Thank You for posting this.


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