Terrace (Fake History)

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We want a terrace. Sure, don’t we all want a terrace! Yeah, but how about we build one between our two houses? That’s a pretty good idea. Will it have access from both houses? Nope, only from our house. Then how do I use the terrace? You basically don’t, but we could add stairs to the terrace that you could sometimes use. Great, so I can enjoy the view from the terrace as well. Can we have dinner on the terrace? Well, here is the thing. I am willing to add the stairs, but I will also add a gate… so you won’t be able to go to the terrace any time you want. You want that I ask you every time I want to use the terrace. Yeah, I do. It really doesn’t sound like a great deal for me. You get a terrace and what do we get? Well, how about I pay you to paint the underpass underneath the terrace? You can paint it any way you want. You are not going to tell me what to do? No. Paint anything you like. You are paying for the building of the terrace and you will pay me to paint it. No, only underneath the terrace. But there you can paint anything you like. Let me think about this.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Hahahaha! Heeheeheeheehhee! Hoohoohoohoohoo!

  2. anne

    yes – would be interesting to know the real story

    Usually the space in between homes is common space -nobody owns it.
    Most cities have bylaws about this and permits are needed to build..

    If possible, the other home should add a door- a small investment for a view.

    re the painting – I will assume the city has no bylaws about this.

    In my city – get your ass fined or worse – jail time if caught. Property owners can’t do it either. City has to first approve.


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