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Rhythm Becomes Pitch
aka the dot becomes a line

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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    I’ve been upset by this demonstration of rhythm turning into pitch and back again. It just would not fit into my brain! I could not relate music to this.

    Then I realized that a beat is not the same as a rhythm. Isn’t a rhythm a certain pattern created around a beat, with specific emphasis on certain beats? If you sped up a waltz or a Latin rhythm on the electronic device, what would it turn into? And there are more complex rhythms. Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe I need to go back to school. :-)

    • ottmar

      Imagine a guitar or piano string being played. It’s a tone, a pitch, but if we record that sound and slow it way down, it becomes individual beats of the string moving one way and then the other. The tone becomes a beat and the beat is part of a “rhythm”. When slowing a tone down it becomes a beat. When speeding a beat up it becomes a tone. I hope that makes sense…. in my head it does. :-)

  2. anne

    “music can be spine-tingling even after listening to the same piece, over and over again! How can music have this effect, when we know exactly what will happen next?”


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