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The second single from the album Bare Wood 2 will be released in the beginning of July. The image I selected for “Saudade” is one I took with my phone in December. When I stop to think about that, it is so amazing that a phone pic is now good enough for a cover.
I love the space of this track, the pace of the music, and how the rhythm switches between waltz and 4/4.

Last November I wrote this:
“Saudade” – I already mentioned Jon’s beautiful bowed bass work on that piece in an earlier post. The piece starts with a chorus that plays 3/4 against 4/4. During the chorus the rhythm guitar on the right side accents the waltz, which also makes that part sound a little slower, since three beats per bar move more slowly than four beats per bar. I love the way the melody stretches forward and starts to play ahead of the beat at 2’45”, before rejoining the beat at 2’53”. I added the section that starts at 4’05” to feature the bowed bass and because I wanted to hear more of it.

Black Rose was the first single.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Ottmar, this gorgeous photo of a deserted Lisbon street with possible hope just ahead filled me with love and loneliness, nostalgia and overwhelming desire. Saudade.

    Black Rose will always vibrate deep in my heart, though.

  2. luna

    Before looking up the meaning of the word, “Saudade”, I just stared at the photo and the word (this isn’t about Your incredible music yet), and especially the font of the word for some reason. I needed to take it all in, Ottmar. I tried saying it out loud to myself and kept saying, “Saude”, the singer’s name. With her sultry voice in my head, the ethereal photo, and the font, I kept sensing, “the night, right before dawn, going toward the light.” Then I looked up the word, and the pronunciation…and it came together for my interpretation. I pictured Saude singing in the background, walking down this narrow, Lisboa street in the dark, headed toward the hint of “light.” It feels as if the streetlamp, and perhaps car headlights? are calling the viewer. Also, amidst the otherwise colorless shot, the yellow building and the yellow reflection of the streetlamp signify Joy and Brightness for me, almost hiding, waiting to be noticed…like a longing for the “light.” an interesting note about “light”…I heard an interview with India Arie about her song, “I AM Light”, not too long ago…and she said, “Light as in the opposite of Heavy.”
    I appreciate You and Your Art. Thank You.


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