City of Hills

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  1. anne

    thanks for sharing with us. Old cities, full of charm/character.

    • anne

      how about a …

      The Stone Goddess (by D. Whyte)

      In a town of gods, housed in a little shrine,
      From sculptured limbs the Godhead looked at me,–
      A living Presence deathless and divine,
      A Form that harboured all infinity.
      The great World-Mother and her mighty will
      Inhabited the earth’s abysmal sleep,
      Voiceless, omnipotent, inscrutable,
      Mute in the desert and the sky and deep.
      Now veiled with mind she dwells and speaks no word,
      Voiceless, inscrutable, omniscient,
      Hiding until our soul has seen, has heard
      The secret of her strange embodiment,
      One in the worshipper and the immobile shape,
      A beauty and mystery flesh or stone can drape.

      • anne

        made a mistake – not by David Whyte. Poem by an Indian sage.

        FYI – – interesting writer/poet

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    Heartfelt nod to Lisbon for the bench with Harriet Tubman picture!

    All your photos are exciting. I was happy to see your lovely Buddha! And your huge speakers. I adored the Black Cat at Red Door. And all the wonderful, well-seasoned buildings, many with that famous Portuguese tile.

    I found an Easter Egg in Santa Fe the other day while on a walk: a gorgeous glass mosaic embedded in the pink adobe outer wall of an old house on a very old street. It was a lovely abstract creation, beside another abstract mosaic water/vegetation scene. They were both about 2 feet tall in wonderful blues, purples, whites and greens.

  3. Luna

    Nice pics! Lisboa and your apartment feel very homey and bright, like a nest on a perch with a view.
    Two things that I had carried with me internationally for more than 3 decades until recently: One: a book by Louise Hay that had been given to me as a gift in 1991, complete with cover falling off and inscription from the friend that had given it to me. I actually got to give it back to this friend, now in her 80’s, this past summer, complete with a gratitude note for all of the travels and changes it had seen me thru. Two: was my Champion juicer! That was my first baby! Heavy, awkward and like a little lawnmower engine, that juicer did everything from cucumber or zucchini juice (my usual daily) to fresh frozen banana gelato! I bought it used from a friend’s sister in 1990. It should of had its own passport!

  4. luna

    p.s. I hope that you have a bathtub to enjoy, near a window with a view! That would be heaven in your perch!

    • luna

      p.s.s. one more thing I thought of that I have carried with me everywhere for 22 years now, and they have some special meaning for me, are a pair of Clavas that I bought on the street in a little village in Southern Cuba. That day I also bought a small bongo drum from stinky sheepskin (or so they said). The drum I ended up having to leave in Kauai…gave it to a good home….but the clavas have remained with me.

  5. Steve

    Are those speakers Genelec 2029Bs? Very nice monitors.

    • ottmar

      Good eye. They are 1029A. I bought them in the Nineties and for a while carried them on tour with me. We were touring with lots of gear at the time and it was easy to take them along. Later I used them in my house to listen to mixes I had made in the studio. They do sound great. Amazing bass for such a relatively small speaker.

  6. Nancy

    I have a gold Aztec calendar charm my husband bought me over thirty years ago. It has traveled with me all over the world ( five continents) and I never travel without it.


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