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Eh Fi Amal is the 99th album by the wonderful Lebanese singer Fairuz. Ninety-nine albums? They must be counting each compilation and also live recordings but still that’s a whole lot! Her singing and the arrangements and production are beautiful.

PS: the object is a loudspeaker by Round Sound. Below is a photo of the pair in my old house.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Ach! This music is inspiring. Romantic, dreamy, exciting; so much feeling in her voice!

    Please forgive my ignorance, but what is that black object?

    • JaneParhamKatz

      Quite nice, thank you.

  2. alison

    “Old house?” Does it feel weird saying that?

    I always hoped to one day leave the States. But from what I can tell there is no place in Europe that will take me. My Austrian/Czech/Polish/French ancestors came here in the mid-1800’s so it’s not like I can just become an official European citizen with all of the benefits without some sort of huge cash donation aka “citizen by investment.” I wish it was easier to pick up and move and finally live the life I have dreamed of.

    Bravo to you. Congratulations on making this happen. I look forward to your blog posts as I get to live in Europe by proxy through your lovely photos and insightful observations.

    • Boris

      About being able to stay in a country: I was living in London some years ago. On the evening of the Brexit referendum, an activist was knocking at our door asking whether we had already voted. When I replied that I could not (I have German citizenship), she said “Oh, do you want to marry me?” and “What a scary night!”. I will never forget that nice person, who was joking, of course, but brought a smile to my face in one of the most uneasy nights I ever had. We could have stayed in the UK in the end, maybe even qualified for citizenship, but left three years later.

      • ottmar

        It is interesting that the ancient institution of marriage is the last move available to regular folks for circumventing government rules of where one may and may not live, isn’t it? As Alison pointed out, the rich can buy their visas…

    • ottmar

      I look forward to your blog posts as I get to live in Europe by proxy through your lovely photos and insightful observations.

      That is beautiful and will inspire me to deliver those images and thoughts!!

  3. anne

    just reviewing the band members(U2) “Top 10 songs songs that have saved my life”

    Seems unlikely songs saved any of their lives – however, for many people music can be that profound.

    curious, any profound songs that shaped your life?

    I sure have a few !


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