Message in a Bottle

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Let’s imagine that our days are numbered. I don’t mean our personal days–we have always known those days to be numbered–but the survival of wo*mankind (* = tongue click). Millions of species have gone extinct before us and we have watched many of them pass without getting worked up over it. So let’s look at the end of the human species in the same dispassionate way. Leave a comment and tell me what you think the human weakness was. Too rapacious? Too callous? What would a warning sign look like? Let’s imagine humans go extinct, the planet takes thousands or millions of years to recover and eventually another sentient species starts strutting around like they own the place. What should they know? What can we tell them?


    • ottmar

      Wow. Dark, but I like it! :-)
      Thanks for that link.

      • Dr. LAURA L PAULY

        Weakness: Lack of awareness. We don’t even notice this could happen to our country, our humanity.
        Lack of compassion…or put more basically, lack of being able to see another’s perspective.

        • Luna

          Good question… this could be a great round-table discussion!
          Hmm…this takes some feeling thought…seems like the audacious respect and valued appreciation of simply “thinking from one’s Heart” more as a “we or us” versus an “i.”

          Seems throughout time of this current species, the downfall of any group of people on any continent anywhere came from a passed-on “personality seed” that forgot that their very existence could cease without the “we energy” of something bigger than them…..even if that something was the air or a tree or an animal or another person’s essence or help. Seems like the “discipline” of daily Feeling, basic Loving & Kindness, Appreciation, Affection, Playfulness, Respect, and Loving for the sake of Loving—like dogs and children do (they really Enjoy It!❤) –could maybe help tremendously, as this many times gets forgotten or downplayed or worse in many lives that “mentalize” things too much…making things more complicated than they need to be.
          Complication can bring the fog of unclarity
          Unclarity can lead to uncertainty.
          Uncertainty can lead to fear.
          Fear, well, we all have seen what fear can lead too…

          So maybe we could leave an “unconditional dog seed?” A pure “child” seed?
          Right now I am reminded of one of my favorite movies, “The Last Mimzi.”

  1. Kristen Jikai

    Self-centered greed.

    What was the #1 Netflix show – Squid Game !?!

    Why won’t people wear masks, vaccinate or care for their elderly family members!?!

  2. Marc Reynolds

    greed, pure selfish greed.

  3. Michael R

    I would say that a current human weakness is “tribalism,” (E.g. politics in the US) which I would associate with closed-mindedness to other people’s opinions. In general, surrounding oneself with others who reinforce a specific mindset despite compelling evidence-based arguments seems to limit human progress to some degree. At the same time, perhaps it contains a positive element, meaning that the government should in reality be a lethargic beast with limited reach and potential – after all, who wants a government that operates as efficiently as Am*zon? Another human weakness is waiting until a specific event happens before taking time to prevent it beforehand (E.g. crumbling infrastructure). I recall hearing a story in the past year where a piece of a bridge broke off and mortally injured a driver here in Massachusetts. Could such events be prevented by doing more to maintain bridges/infrastructure? Finally, placing hope in politicians to make the world a better place could be viewed as a human weakness, since it seems to produce limited results and further exacerbate closed-mindedness among political constituents.

    Despite human weakness my hope is that the good nature part of humanity prevails. I’m not sure what the warning signs would be for the impending doom for humanity, but I would guess that it starts with an increase in violence and general disregard for a person’s dignity.


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