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02021-11-10 | Photos, Santa Fe | 2 comments

It was great to perform at the Lensic again last night. We enjoyed it very much. There was an interesting blackout during “Heart Still/Beating” due to the lighting console freezing and having to be restarted. We cruised right through that though.

The above sunrise greeted me this morning.


  1. Darby Martinez

    It is as much a joy to hear as it is to watch Ottmar, Robby and Jon play. With eyes closed as their face comes alive with the expressions of their love for their music, you can’t help buy find peace just watching them play. They feel the music and know when it is coming together by the smile on their face.
    It was an absolute pleasure watching and listening to you last night at the Lensic. We can’t wait to see you again, hopefully sooner than later.
    The sunrise at 6:00 this morning was amazing from my office as well. New Mexico skies are incredible. God is an amazing artist!

    Thank you Ottmar from Jerry and his family for the wonderful evening!

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    Luna Negra shone brightly last Tuesday night at the Lensic theater in Santa Fe. I arrived half an hour early to relax in my seat and fully relish the moments before the concert: listening to soft recorded Ottmar, taking in the rich blue and purple shadowed curtains, enjoying the dormant instruments waiting onstage – Robby’s complex, glistening percussion set, Jon’s burnished acoustic bass reclining near his electric bass guitar, the beautiful acoustic guitar standing at attention by Ottmar’s chair – and even the soft murmurs of the growing crowd. (It was a full house!) From my second-row seat I could see people coming and going backstage – wonder what they were doing.

    The house lights lowered, recorded music stopped, audience went silent, the air became electric with excitement. The three artists energetically entered to tremendous applause, and we were treated to an hour and a half of especially delicious Ottmar Liebert / Luna Negra musical creations, as I know everyone reading this understands.

    The music struck me as more jazzy, less flamenco. All three fellows were at their best. Ottmar was remarkably clear, exact, and expressive, with beautiful tone. Robby and Jon were on the edge. The evolution of the familiar songs was interesting and refreshing, and I think I heard a new one. The last two numbers were “Santa Fe” and “Barcelona Nights,” which also reflected transformations. I appreciated Jon’s taking the melody at one point in “Santa Fe.”

    I was shocked when the stage lights went dark for a full two minutes. There was a low light still on behind the performers, which made Ottmar look like he was wearing a halo ( :-). They played on, never missing a beat. I had to smile – no worries.


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