looking at glass

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looking at glass – un. deux.. trois…

And here’s a tip.  If you’re ever feeling anxious or overwhelmed, pause and notice the subtle shades of colour or the shapes of things around you.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    I also like to see all the shapes in a human face and body. I’m grateful to be reminded of this.

    The idea of overcoming anxiety or overwhelm by noticing colors and shapes around you is something I have used for many years. It was my mother who suggested this to me, summoned from her own genius.

    I was completely overwhelmed and angry at a performing arts conference, to the point I was ready to run away. Robert, my boss – an agent in San Francisco for several prominent ballet companies and other artists, had no sense of organization or planning. On the plane, he instructed me to write an entire newsletter promoting our artists and get several hundred copies made – in the space of a few hours.

    Upon landing in San Diego, he rented a flashy convertible (which made me mad at the needless expense) and after checking in at the hotel dropped me off at Kinko’s to get to work. I was not even familiär with the newsletter software! I promptly got my own rental car, went back to the hotel and called Mother.

    I told her I was going to bolt, rather than stay for three days of torture at this conference. Robert had asked me to loan him the money to register at the conference, which I did not do! She said, “Honey, I know you don’t really want to leave. Just find something beautiful to look at and focus on that, no matter what confusion is going on – maybe the pattern of the carpet or Robert’s tie.” Well, the carpet in the hotel room WAS striking, and later – Robert did wear a beautiful tie. I began to recover my usual buoyant joy and found my energy and even goodwill toward Robert. I enjoyed the conference! Robert said nothing about my not doing the newsletter.


  2. Luna

    Yes, this is something I’ve unconsciously done for years…kind of a way of self.soothing. It also makes me think about how I do this with other things too like sounds, people’s energy, animals, textures, and patterns. It really works to shift focus off whatever is causing anxiety or overwhelm and give full presence to a color or shape or sound—deeper, then brain can relax, calm down, and come back to creating feeling good again, which can create a calmer response. Ottmar, thank you for the reminder to be more intentional about it.✨


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