Apache Plume, Basket + Sunset

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A walk around town this week will reveal Apache Plume, super soft and very pretty. After the white petals fall away, many plumelike lavender styles remain, each 3 to 5 centimeters long. The plant will be covered with these pink clusters of curling, soft, and feathery styles after flowering. Go ahead put your face in it.

A basket and its shadow at the TAI Modern gallery on the corner of Paseo de Peralta and Guadalupe. One of my favorite galleries in town.

Yesterday’s sunset viewed from the cross at Fort Marcy.

You can click on each thumnail to expand the photo. Then you can click on that image to make it even larger. The gallery is a little clumsy and you will have to use the browser’s back arrow to return to this page.


  1. Will

    With the lack of any other reference point the sunset picture looks like it could be a wonderful painting. Nice shot!

  2. ottmar

    I had that thought as well, especially after discovering a type of paint called Flashe at Site Santa Fe on Friday. Flashe is a patented acrylic and vinyl paint that can be watered down and dries totally matte. It’s apparently been around for a long time, I had just never heard of it.

  3. Will

    Sweet! I will have to try and find it next time we are at the art store.


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