Stephen Duros

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Last week I spoke to Stephen via Zoom. We both wore headsets and as a result this recording sounds better to me than when I spoke to Jon a while ago.

You will notice that I created a new word when I said “furiated” instead of “infuriated”. Although economical, since it uses two letters less, I don’t think it will catch on. :-)

The photo of Stephen, taken a few years ago in Stockholm, will make sense after you listen to the conversation.

Video about Yves Klein’s work (YouTube)

This is the kind of post that I want to create for the subscription only blog, once the website has been redesigned.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Wonderful conversation. Ottmar, your voice sounded so booming manly, and your laughter was totally tickling. The subjects provided insights into creativity. I began really to admire Duros.

    I like “furiated.”. It’s a much more active feeling than “infuriated.”. :-)

    Exciting about your new web site!

  2. Luz

    Nice conversation with Stevo! Traveling is such an eye opening experience. Two years out of high school, I travelled to Europe and those three weeks were amazing. I learned more in those 3 weeks than I did in 12 years of high school! You learn language, world history, art, geography, social studies, and math/currency conversion as at that time the euro did not exist.

  3. Will

    I am down for a subscription service….some ideas for subscription:

    1. Interviews like above
    2. Art musings
    3. test musical pieces
    4. Live Ottmar fan interaction via Web Chat or Youtube live
    5.Other musings
    6. Recommendations (food, daily items etc.)
    7. Santa Fe/New Mexico Musings
    8. etc

  4. Boris

    Met this guy in Munich what must be 13 years ago or so. He was there with Toto (not Totoro, or maybe I just could not see him). And had more hair. Great to hear you guys talk! Thanks for that.


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