The Sea Between

02021-04-29 | Guitar, Jon Gagan, Music, Recording | 5 comments

Here is the last minute of the version of “The Sea Between” I recorded for “Bare Wood 2”.

The guitar melody that starts after the chorus ends came from an improvisation. I liked the vibe of the improv but the strings had been on the guitar for too long and one of them was clearly out of tune. I tried to get used to it, hoping that the mood of the playing might outweigh the handful of notes that were out of tune, telling myself that most listeners might not hear what I was hearing, but I could not. This week I learned the phrases and re-played the melody. It was interesting to learn the notes and spaces of an improv and turning them into a prescribed melody. I rarely if ever do that, often preferring a slightly strange sound, as from a piece of nail-glue that is coming loose for example, to trying to recreate the vibe.

It turned out alright though and I am happy with the feeling of it. I added an octave below for the start of the melody and like how that grabs the attention.

This is the first version of the piece, from my post on 24. December

I always find it fascinating how a song changes when I can use several guitars rather than a solo guitar performance. Of course, adding Jon’s upright made a huge diff as well. :-)


  1. Y.

    Sounds wonderful.

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    Wow, BARE WOOD 2 Version is so beautifully filled out. Just lovely!

  3. Ron Rubio

    must be kismet..I haven’t listened to your albums in years and on my birthday you posted this..I started listening to luna negra and noveau flamenco on my birthday yesterday..and then was wondering if you were starting to tour..i know early with pandemic..but just wishing..being born in Seville, grew up in Flagstaff..just luv your music..I am married to a musician… I appreciate your new music!

    • ottmar

      Welcome and thanks for dropping by! :-)

  4. Nancy

    It sounds great!


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