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If time is what keeps everything from happening at once, then time is also what allows a cacophony to turn into melody and harmony. Time stretches the Big Bang into a rhythm. Time turns an accident into a story.

We all have glimpses of living in the moment. What happens when we live in the NOW for a whole minute? Is it still the now or has it become something else? Is the now an overlay that covers time like a blanket and allows them to coexist? Time and the now exist in the same moment and are two sides of the same coin.

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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Wait a minute! :-)

    A question is: What is a NOW? A second, a moment? It feels like NOW is really not of time, but of pure, free being . If I lived in the NOW for a whole minute, it’s still the now. My mind can remember one minute ago (of time) but I am remembering it right here in the now. So maybe NOW has nothing to do with time, and time is just something we made up. NOW is consciousness and time is just counting.

    I don’t see any power in time. Does time make rhythm? Isn’t rhythm a steady beat, maybe fast, maybe slow, with a consistent pattern built upon it. I think the beat is felt, rather than counted in seconds. Time doesn’t cause anything. What about things getting old? That’s not because of time, that is due to a continual sequence of actions affecting the thing seeming to get “old” – it is just changing. A rock placed in a glass case will probably not change at all, even in a million years of our time.

    How does time keep everything from happening at once? I think it’s we who decide to do things in sequence – and a lot of things are happening at once. Natural laws of physics and chemistry govern the operation of the universe. Time alone could not create harmony out of cacophony without application of the principles of melody, harmony, rhythm. Intelligence turns an accident into a story, relating events in order. And maybe time is what we call agreeing with each other what we will do when. If you were completely alone on this Earth, would you need time for anything?

    Enough for now, but I’m still thinking…….


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