Robby Rothschild, the album

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Singing songs of his own making, and accompanying them with instruments such as the West African kora, guitar, and percussion, Robby draws from the dual wells of tradition and personal expression. Known for his work with the duo Round Mountain and his recent touring as percussionist for Kip Winger and Ottmar Liebert, Robby’s solo work represents a furthering of his search into musical wilderness.

Robby Rothschild

Our friend Robby has made an album and the above link will take you to its Bandcamp page. Robby toured with Jon and me in Florida last January, and in California in February. It feels like ages ago. We had such a good time performing together and were looking forward to more of that… hopefully we can pick up where we left off later this year.

Even if you haven’t seen us perform together you have listened to him play, because Robby played percussion on a bunch of my albums: Dune, Bare Wood, Waiting n Swan, Fete, and the upcoming vision 2020 (full version).

Go check out his music. Robby has a great voice and his words are poetry. He played most of the instruments himself, but you may hear Jon Gagan’s upright here and there and I made a brief appearance towards the end. Can you come up with a little tremolo line, he asked, and I was happy to oblige.

Here is the link to the album Robby Rothschild on Bandcamp.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Sweet voice! Extremely intelligently beautiful poems.

    A while ago, I was in the Candy Man, a music store in Santa Fe. The owner said he knew Robby and family. Of course!

    • ottmar

      LOL. Perhaps you forgot how small SFe is. I believe Robby was signed to Warner Bros. when he was sixteen, his band that is. Jon probably knows 95% of the working musicians in town. :-)
      SFe may punch above its weight culturally, but it is still a small town. That’s what makes it interesting.

      • JaneParhamKatz

        Olà, Amigo! LOL with you! I confess my big city mentality, which drove me to inhabit Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Washington DC, Lisbon. But now I love Santa Fe, though in this lockdown I have retreated to a place inside my mind.
        I wrote in a poem, SANTA FE, 2007:

        “Feast of culture lifts mind and heart,
        International hub set in quaint adobe village,
        Brilliant sculptures on the streets,
        Gallery windows of exquisite pieces,
        Pottery, glass and silver abstractions.

        “Look around, see who lives here.
        Romantic remnants of ancient Indian,
        Spanish conquistador, and wild cowboy,
        Meld with the artist, poet, seeker, mystic
        Streaming in since before living memory.”

        Say, are you a boxing fan?

      • Serg

        Hello Ottmar ☀️ Can you share the lyrics for “The Old Tree”? I would be very grateful, google did not help me :)

        • ottmar

          You should drop Robby a note on Bandcamp. He might help you out.


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