Bare Wood 2002-2012

Now available in High Definition from Bandcamp.

Bare Wood is a compilation of pieces I created between 2002 and 2012. For this album I deleted all electric or electronic instruments from the original recordings and removed anything that was not Flamenco guitar or cajon. I recorded additional Flamenco guitar parts and Jon recorded entirely new upright acoustic bass tracks for every piece. What emerged was the essence, the soul, the bare wood of the music.
- ottmar

  • “Bare Wood 2002-2012”

    Ottmar Liebert

    SSRI 902020 (2014)

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1. Sand 4:50 Sand
2. La Luna 4:46 La Luna
3. Moonlight 4:06 Moonlight
4. AlhambraJackson 4:14 AlhambraJackson
5. Firelight 5:48 Firelight
6. Carrousel 5:31 Carrousel
7. Shadow 4:11 Shadow
8. Up Close 4:50 Up Close
9. UnderWorld 4:20 UnderWorld
10. Remba 4:32 Remba
11. Fireopal 5:05 Fireopal
12. Westcoast 4:57 Westcoast

Writing + Publishing

All music written by OL.
Published by Luna Negra Music/BMI + administered by Holland Walk Muse


Producer: OL + Jon Gagan 4 SSRI

Engineer: OL + Jon Gagan

Studio: OtoMare + The Electric Company

Mastering: OL @ OtoMare

Mixed by: OL @ OtoMare

Mix Medium: Digital

Record Medium: Digital

OL - Flamenco Guitar + Palmas
Jon Gagan - Upright Acoustic Bass

Robby Rothschild - Percussion
Davo Bryant - Percussion

Photography: Greg Gorman + OL 
Design: OL
Layout: Matt Gannon